A purpose filled life…

Though this thought may seem at odds with the subject line, I don’t think they are. Rather, I think this speaks to finding a purpose in your life and living that purpose. For me, my why is my daughters and helping people achieve their goals. For me, that is enough…because, at the end of the day, we are simply walking… Read more →

A purpose filled life…


I came across this article on Entrepreneur.com today and intended to share it via my business development blog. Then, I started to think about my purpose and I thought, I want my daughters to see this.

I want them to know now, and later, that their dad loved them.

That he danced, wherever and whenever asked.

When I am gone, I want their inner voices to be one of love, compassion and strength.

I want them to never doubt they are amazing, power and beautiful.

Dads…dance, my brothers.

Log the miles

There is no shortcut to success. This is one of the lessons I hope to convey to my daughters. One of my favorite entrepreneurial quotes is “Success is never owned, it’s rented and the rent is due everyday.” (Source: unknown, though it’s widely quoted) One of my little peoples told me yesterday that it wasn’t fair that one of their… Read more →

The people see me, Dad!

There are moments so profound they defy our ability to capture them. This week, I experienced such a moment with one of my daughters, whom we adopted last year. To put this moment in context, it’s important to dial back nearly one year ago when we visited China to pick her up. Our bio daughter is a blonde hair, bright… Read more →