Cherish the blink…

In the blink of an eye.

That’s how it feels.  All that time that passes between the conception of your child to the age they are now.  Just a little blink.


Like it was just yesterday, I remember the overwhelming feeling I had when we brought our first baby girl home. She was perfect.  Perfect little features.  She had the cheeks of a chipmunk, beautiful olive skin, curly black fuzz hair, and I was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED to put this little piece of perfection in my arms and take control.  Like I was supposed to.  I am Mom.

When she and I finally got a complete numbing silence throughout the house, I sat and stared at her. She was sleeping in her perfect little baby way. My hands were folded in my lap. She was snug as a bug in a rug in her bassinet.  That’s when time stood still. It was a scary still of a moment that filled my heart completely. All of a sudden, it wasn’t something I was supposed to do anymore, be Mom. In that moment, it was like my focus on life dramatically changed backed by something so deep and centered inside myself. It was protective, a welcoming maternal instinct, filled with scary awe struck excitement.

Unconditional love.  In the blink of an eye.

In the blink of an eye they have taught me to cherish all moments. From the great wonderful beautiful ones.. and even the dreadful ones.  The breakdowns, hurt feelings, skinned knees, failed tests, hard days, bad dreams. The “Mom!”  screamed from the other side of the house just because she wants her water bottle filled.  And only half the time I say no.  Fill it yourself. Only half the time.

Photo Aug 31, 1 45 36 PM


I cherish all moments because in the blink of an eye they TURN.

They turn into independent, messy, walking, running playing, constantly learning creatures on this earth that think and talk all on their own with out the help of their Momma any more. With opinions  and a strong desire to be just a wee bit older! And it’s like all of a sudden they know more than you too! BAFFLED… 🙂


They no longer ask me to sing the lullaby song every night.  They do not need help tying their shoes anymore.  They don’t even need me to cut their meat into bite sized pieces. They are growing up.




I’m sure all mothers and fathers and deeply understand just how fast time goes. School days and weekends, work and cleaning, homework and dinner, activities, social gatherings, saving and shopping, family get togethers… all those responsibilities that make life up in one whole life satchel of a bag you can sling over your right shoulder and call yours wherever you go. They are mine! My memories that happened in that blink of an eye! Its pretty amazing, busy, and stressful too!


Photo May 29, 4 02 46 PM


Sometimes we are so consumed with everything that we just need a moment to ourselves..

But it never fails. That small moment that you get to yourself, you ask, “How does the time go by so fast? How’d they get so big!” as your watching your kiddo play or busy themselves.  They are a huge percentage of your memories! And yet, it was like a blink of an eye.

Cherish each blink.

Savor it.

Let time stand still just a little if you can.

Be in the here and now in the things you do with the people you hold so dearly.

Later when they’re thinking about how the time went so fast too, the time you stood still will be a mirrored photo album in both yours and their memory.





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